Mrs. America

Mrs. America is the TV (streaming on Hulu) mini-series about Phyllis Schlafly and her fight against the Equal Rights Amendment.

Here is a typical review:

Someone mentions an anti-ERA newsletter written and distributed by someone named Phyllis Schlafly, but Schlafly is quickly dismissed as a nobody – “a right-wing nut from Illinois.”

Well, to say Phyllis Schlafly turned out to be more than just some minor annoyance would be a massive understatement. As the pitch-perfect period piece FX/Hulu limited series “Mrs. America” so aptly lays out, Schlafly became the leading voice against the ERA in the 1970s. Cate Blanchett delivers electric, layered, beautifully nuanced work as the indefatigable Schlafly, heading an amazing ensemble cast ...

Accuracy Many aspects of the series are quite accurate, as documented by Slate and the LA Times. Hollywood took some dramatic liberties, as is common for a project like this. Some parts are total fiction, such as Phyllis Schlafly's friend Alice. Alice bears no resemblance to any real-life person. According to the producers, they wanted to show what it might have been like of one of the followers had a mental breakdown.

Religion The show portrays ERA as a battle between Christian family values and Jewish radical leftism. Phyllis Schlafly has a happy family life. The pro-ERA feminists not so much. See this Jewish Journal essay.

Personal attacks Many people hated Phyllis Schlafly. Attacks on her range from a pie in the face to various baseless accusations that she got support from disreputable groups. As the show suggests, feminists just made up these attacks because they did not want to debate the actual issues.

Theme The show creator has said that the theme of the show is Women can't win!". That is, Phyllis Schlafly and the various feminists are portrayed as seeking women's rights according to their own views, but all of them run into an assortment of political obstacles.She also said: “But you have to understand, Phyllis and her army of homemakers were actually a very powerful cover for the patriarchy and the misogynists who never wanted to ratify the ERA.”

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